MoTeC's T2 Server is a flexible telemetry system that allows the setup of a centralised hub for receiving, processing and transmitting a large number of independent telemetry streams.

Combined with either an ACL, ADL3, EDL3, C1 Series Display Loggers or L1 Series Loggers up to 300 individual channels can be sent via the T2 Server and viewed live in i2 Pro. By utilising the inbuilt filtering and security encryption, output streams can be customised to allow live viewing of designated data by VIPs, spectators or race officials.

T2 Server enables each channel to be sent at its own transmit rate. By reducing the rate of channels that don’t require high resolution, bandwidth is made available for additional channels or for the high transmit rates of fast changing channels.

T2 is available by purchasing the Telemetry upgrade on an ACL, ADL3, EDL3, C1 Series Display Loggers or L1 Series Loggers. See Requirements for further information.


  • T2 Telemetry Server operates independently of the i2 application
  • Manage multiple vehicles on one server
  • Monitor the live data of multiple vehicles simultaneously in i2
  • View overlays of:
    • Live data against logged data
    • Live data against other live data
  • Create a web window in i2 for viewing:
    • Live timing
    • Live weather conditions such as rain radar
    • Track information such as timing
  • Live GPS track map:
    • View actual GPS location of vehicle/s, rather than distance into lap which can be inaccurate
    • View current location of all team vehicles on one map
    • Useful for non-motorsport applications to track numerous vehicles
  • Full data encryption from car to server and additional security from server to i2
  • Multiple Data Streams allow designated data to be sent on each network with different security, for example:
    • Live data for internet transmission
    • Live data for TV broadcasters
    • Live data from all cars for category managers
  • Live Maths
    • Complex maths can be completed live in T2 rather than in the Dash or ECU
  • Alarm system immediately notifies teams of important information about the vehicle
    • Flashing bar onscreen and sounds to attract attention
  • Multi-rate channels to maximise transmissions over limited bandwidth


  • ACL, ADL3 or C185 with T2 function upgrade enabled
  • Serial radio or GSM modem for RS232 communication to the PC
  • Hardware for the existing MoTeC telemetry system is also supported
  • ACL, ADL3 or C185 Dash Manager version 5.5 and later
  • i2 Pro Analysis version 1.1 and later
  • T2 Server version 1.1 and later
  • Download latest software versions
  • Operating systems: Windows 10 or later
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1366 x 768. (Recommended: 1920 x 1080 or higher)
  • Communications Port – Ethernet Port
  • Communications Protocol – IPv6
  • Communications Port – Serial Com Port (RS232) (Note: If no serial port is available a Serial to USB device can be used)
Other Requirements
  • Administrative privileges are required for installation of the software
  • Any active firewalls may need to be updated to allow inbound and outbound traffic
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