The CDL3 Track Logging Kit is a cost-effective, plug and play Dash Logger solution that offers professional level features without the hassle of a customised installation. It provides a complete, race-ready display and data system that can be adapted and expanded to suit various applications.


The CDL3 Track Logging Kit has a professional level, terminated loom that is pre-configured to get the most out of your CDL3. This loom plugs into the back of the CDL3, and has labelled wires for each of the devices that come with the kit. Follow these guidelines to connect the loom:


Plug the cigarette lighter power adapter into a spare power supply socket. If your vehicle does not have a power supply socket, cut off the adapter, and connect the red wire to a fused 12V source and the black wire to chassis ground.


Ensure that you connect the GPS L10 unit only into the lead labelled “GPS”.Plugging a GPS into the SLM lead will damage the GPS.


Plug in the button loom as supplied for alarm acknowledge (Red), next line (Green) and mode (Both buttons).


Connect your Shift Light Module to this lead only.


ECU communications are sent to the CDL3 via this connector. Terminated looms are available for OBD-II, MoTeC ‘hundred series’ ECUs and RS232 (M4, M48, M8 and other)RS232 connection may require an additional cable/adapter to be used in conjunction with the RS232 adapter.


For communications between your CDL3 and a PC for configuration


  • CDL3 Backlit Club Dash Logger with 8Mb logging memory and 12 I/O
  • A professional level wiring loom, labelled and terminated to ensure a fast, easy installation
  • A Club Shift Light Module (SLM-C), for warning and shift lights. The SLM-C is built in a separate housing to the CDL3 so that it can be correctly placed in the driver's line of sight
  • 10Hz GPS with a magnetic base that can be mounted straight onto a vehicle roof
  • Remote button loom so buttons can be placed where the driver can reach them
  • Ethernet communications cable

The CDL3 Track Logging Kit will allow you to perform the following functions and more.

  • Data analysis using MoTeC's i2 software
  • Lap timing
  • Track mapping
  • Shift lights and warnings
  • ECU Connection (RS232 connection may require additional adaptors)
  • Display of sensor values
  • Engine performance measurement


  • 1 X 18022 CDL3 Club Dash Logger
  • 1 X 28518 CDL3 Logging upgrade (8M) 1 X 62203 Loom, CDL3 Terminated
  • 1 X 61221 Loom, Two Button
  • 1 X 41304 10Hz GPS L10
  • 1 X 18122 SLM-C Club Shift Light Module
  • 1 X 61225 Cable Network RJ45
Brand MoTeC