This Loom provides a convenient way to connect an M130 ECU to your engine.

Use this loom as a complete solution for an M130 installation plugged into the A and B connectors or as a base for an M150, M141 and M142 installation.

When used for M150, M141 and M142 installations this Loom plugs into the C and D connectors then a bespoke Loom can be created for the A and B connectors adding many more inputs and outputs including 2 additional CAN interfaces.

The Loom has be designed to run a V8 engine comprising:

  • Sequential injection
  • Sequential ignition
  • 1x drive by wire throttle
  • 4 x variable camshafts
  • 1 x Knock sensor (differential connection) 2 x Knock sensors (conventional connection)
  • The loom also provides:
    • Pre wired LTC (Lambda to CAN #6130) DTM connector
    • Pre wired CAN interface DTM connector
    • Cooling fan low side output
    • Fuel pump low side output
    Many other engine configurations are also possible.
Brand MoTeC