This loom is intended to be used with MoTeC's M142 TOYOTA YARIS GR 2020 KIT (#11412).

It is also compatible with the M141 version of the kit.

It provides an electrical interface between the Plug-In ECU Kit and the active rear differential clutch of the Toyota GR Yaris. The Diff Loom replaces the functionality of Toyota's OE AWD ECU, allowing the user to define the parameters of the rear differential clutch with MoTeC's Yaris GR 2020 G16E Package in M1 Tune.

  • The Diff Loom provides wiring for OE active rear differential clutch solenoid and temperature sensor.

  • Connects to MoTeC's M142 ECU via the Adaptor Box (#61460) breakout connector.

  • The CAN messaging required for the OE dash display is sent via the Diff Loom to MoTeC's M142 ECU.

  • The matching connector allows the M142 ECU to be directly wired to the rear differential clutch solenoid, bypassing the OE AWD ECU.

  • Compatible with the OE Yaris 3 position Drive Mode Switch.

  • Numerous diff modes are configurable within the M1 Package, using MoTeC's 9 Position Switch (#56100).

  • Length: 3.5 m.

  • Mating connector for the OE differential harness.

  • 6 x Crimped pins to be inserted into the breakout connector (see Connector Pinouts).

Brand MoTeC