The Two Button Loom is designed as a plug-in solution for MoTeC Display Logger Track and Race Kits. The buttons provide Alarm Acknowledge (red), Next Line (green) and Mode functionality for the Display provided with the kit.

On its own it is also a simple solution for adding buttons to other MoTeC ECU and Display Logger products

If your installation requires more than two buttons, the 6 pin DTM has 3 spare sockets for adding extra buttons. If additional buttons are required for use with a Track or Race Display/Logger, the I/O upgrade is needed.

  • Momentary (non-latching) push buttons
  • Button mounting holes: 6.2 mm (¼")
  • Loom length: 285 mm - button mounting surface to back of DTM6F connector
  • Weight: 35 g
Brand MoTeC