The KTC (K-Line to CAN) adaptor converts CAN data to ISO 9141 K-Line data with specific formats to facilitate communication between MoTeC 'hundred series' ECUs and existing dashboards in Yamaha and Kawasaki PWCs (Personal Water Craft).

  • Enables available dash functions including RPM, boost pressure and dashboard alarms (e.g. engine temperature, muffler temperature, oil pressure, EFI fault)
  • Transmits pre-defined CAN messages to K-Line format
  • Resin filled, machined, anodised aluminium case with through hole fastening
  • Flying lead


  • Power supply 12 V (9 - 16 VDC)


  • 1 x K-Line
    • ISO 9141 standard interface with internal protection
    • Baud rate dependent upon selected application
  • 1 x CAN
    • Fixed address (0x600, 0x601)
    • 1Mbit/sec baud rate

The KTC device is not userconfigurable. Different applications may require firmware upgrades to allow additional formats.


  • Case size 38 mm x 14 mm x 26 mm excluding lead

The KTC is wired onto the CAN bus. Please ensure the CAN bus includes at least one 100R terminating resistor.

Brand MoTeC