This multi-faceted, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) has been designed specifically for motorsport, providing triple axis sensing of G-Force and Gyroscopic measurements. It also provides Compass (magnetic field) measurements.

The sensing range of each sensor has been tailored to suit a wide range of applications that experience high levels of dynamic motion. Each of the three axes (X, Y, Z) is orthogonal to the others, measuring positive and negative forces.

A compact and robust design ensures the 3Force unit is well suited the harsh motorsport environment.


  • Simultaneous measurement of G-Force, Gyroscopic and Magnetic Sensing (compass)
  • Triple axis sensing of all parameters
  • CAN bus interface with a high level of configurability
  • Flexible CAN bus address and data rates
  • Extensive customisation of the data output
  • Rugged design
  • Compact and low weight - less than 55 grams
  • Cost competitive
  • Spare processing capability for custom firmware
  • Upgradeable - allowing for enhanced functionality


Parameter Min Typical Max Units
CAN Speed 125 K 1 1 MB baud
Supply Voltage 5   24 V sensor supply
Supply Current - 20 40 mA
Operational Temperature -20 - 70 degrees C

Dimensions: 52 x 32 x 15 mm

Weight: <55 grams (inc. pigtail loom)

Enclosure material: CNC Machined Anodised Aluminium 6016-T6

Heatshrink: Raychem DR-25

Connector Wire: Mil-W-22759/16

G-Force (Acceleration) Sensor
Parameter Min Typical Max Units
Measurement Range (16 g) -16 - +16 g
Stability - +/-0.015 - % per degree C
Nonlinearity - +/-0.3 - %
Inter-Axis Alignment Errors - +/-0.1 - %
Cross-Axis Sensitivity - +/-1 - %
CAN Bus Rate 1 50 500 Hz

Report Resolution: 1 mg (1000 counts per 1 g)

Gyroscopic (Rotation) Sensor
Parameter Min Typical Max Units
Measurement Range - 500 - degrees per second
CAN Bus Rate 1 50 500 Hz

Reported Resolution: 0.1 degrees per second

Internal Sample Rate: 800 Hz

Magnetic (Compass) Sensor
Parameter Min Typical Max Units
CAN Bus Rate 1 20 100 Hz

Internal Sample Rate: 75 Hz

The sensor is capable of detecting the earth's magnetic field, although it is affected by the presence of ferrous objects at very short range.

  • The CAN bus speed is selected when the sensor is purchased. It may be changed at a later stage.
Brand MoTeC