Three versions of Dual Magnetic Converters (DMCs) are available (A, C and D). DMCs convert magnetic style signals to an open collector output signal (square wave). This makes a typical magnetic sensor behave as a switched or hall effect sensor, thus making the signals suitable for use with ECUs and loggers. A single DMC can convert two independent magnetic sensor signals.


  • Built into Deutsch DTM04-12P connector housing
  • Deutsch DTM06-12S (MoTeC #68058) connector

Ambient Operating Temperature

  • -10 °C to 85 °C

Input resistance

  • 43 kΩ

Maximum input voltage

  • 120 Vpp

Minimum input signal level required for triggering

Frequency (Hz) Peak to Peak level (Vpp)
<=10 0.4
100 0.5
200 0.7
500 1.6
1000 3.0
2000 5.8
5000 14.0
Brand MoTeC