The GP Lite Package is an entry level platform for the operation of port-injected engines. This single product can be configured over a range of complexities, from controlling a simple, naturally aspirated 4 cylinder engine to a twin turbo charged V8. Configurable engine synchronisation modes accommodate most modern engine triggering systems.

Included are numerous ancillary features, such as driver switches (engine map, boost limit etc.), launch control and single stage nitrous oxide injection. GP Lite also caters for many systems found on modified road vehicles, such as closed loop boost control and fuel control, and includes two definable auxiliary control outputs. The Package does not include drive by wire, variable cam control or knock control.

It seamlessly integrates with other MoTeC products like Display Loggers and Shift Light Modules.


  • Operates port injected engines from 1 to 8 cylinders (M130 ECU).
  • Configurable engine synchronisation modes for many common engine types. Refer to the Engine Speed Modes section for current details.
  • GP Lite can sense camshaft position on variable cam engines for synchronisation, however it does not provide variable cam control.
  • TDC setup wizard may be used to set the top dead centres on even-fire engines.
  • Configurable ignition output pin for each cylinder allows for coil-on-plug or wasted spark and distributor ignition systems.
  • Dual bank lambda control supported; requires optional LTC with Bosch LSU4.9 sensor or LTCN with NTK sensor.
  • Physical settings for engine displacement, fuel density+molar mass, stoichiometric ratio and injector characteristics, allow for simplified engine start-up prior to tuning.
  • Easy and fast engine tuning using engine volumetric efficiency map.
  • Engine load modelling based on inlet manifold pressure and inlet manifold temperature.
  • Sensor calibrations available for many common automotive sensors.
  • Transient fuelling compensation using physical modelling of fuel film.
  • Nitrous system with one activation stage with fuel and ignition compensations.
  • Support of MoTeC devices: Shift Light Module, Displays/Loggers
  • Test settings for most outputs, including injection and ignition outputs, for easier setup.
  • Configurable turbocharger closed loop boost control (using a normal solenoid output).
  • Support of coolant fan output.
  • Air conditioner support with switched output control.
  • Coolant temperature compensations for engine speed limit, ignition timing, fuel mixture, boost limit.
  • Coolant pump output with PWM control.
  • Coolant pump after-run functionality, optionally with additional pump output.
  • Engine speed limiting with ignition cut and/or fuel cut with definable interaction.
  • Fuel pump switched output.
  • Engine Charge Temperature calculation, allows for correction of Inlet Air Temperature (compensation of heat soak effect etc.).
  • Flame feature achieved by retarding ignition timing to allow enrichment and after-fire combustion of exhaust gas.
  • Idle closed loop control system using ignition and/or idle solenoid.
  • Idle bypass control with stepper motor supported.
  • Assisted engine start with dedicated fuel volume and idle compensations during crank and post start.
  • Configurable security for multiple users.
  • Pre-defined ECU CAN transmit of the available common channels.
  • Configurable switches to control Ignition Timing, Fuel Mixture Aim, Boost Limit, Flame Functionality and Nitrous Injection.
  • Analogue tachometer output with configurable output pin and scaling.
  • Use of a Throttle Position sensor for a cable throttle.
  • Vehicle speed measurement using tail shaft and wheel speed sensors.
  • Configurable warning system with light and CAN output.
  • Supports both sequential and batch fire fuel injection.
  • GPS acquisition and logging via CAN or RS232.
  • Hardcoded pin inputs for reduced set up complexity:
    • AV1: Throttle Position Sensor
    • AV2: Manifold Air Pressure Sensor
    • AV4: Fuel Pressure Sensor
    • AV5: Oil Pressure Sensor
    • AT1: Inlet Air Temperature Sensor
    • AT2: Coolant Temperature Sensor
    • Udig1: Reference signal (from crankshaft position)
    • Udig2: Synchronisation signal (eg from camshaft position)
  • 2 auxiliary outputs for PWM control of added actuators:
    • Duty cycle tables using Engine Speed and Throttle or Manifold Pressure Axis
    • Activation based on inlet manifold pressure or vehicle speed
    • Auxiliary Output 1 includes tables for Ignition Timing Compensation and Fuel Volume Trim
  • Optional channels for additional sensors via input pin including:
    • Ambient Pressure
    • Brake Switch
    • Engine Oil Temperature
    • Exhaust Lambda via LTC, LTCN, or PLM for Bank 1 and/or 2
    • Driver interaction switches
    • Exhaust Temperature (EGT) via TCA Thermocouple Amplifier
    • Wheel Speed sensors front/rear left/right.


Cylinders: Up to 8
Injectors: Port
Connector: Tyco
Logging Memory: 256Mb*

  • Launch Control
  • Nitrous Control
  • Closed Loop Lambda
  • Air Conditioning
  • Exhaust Flame Control
  • Gearbox: Suits Manual Only (Non Flat Shift)
Brand MoTeC

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