MoTeC's GP Auto Transmission Package is a versatile and adaptable platform for the operation of an automatic transmission (with up to 5 gears), independent of any engine control systems.

This Package allows for the operational control of an automatic transmission's line pressure solenoids, gear shift solenoids, torque convertor lockup clutch solenoids and manual range selector. It also gives users full control of the gear shift points, torque convertor lockup clutch and line pressure. Refer to the Transmission Compatibility section for a full list of capabilities. The product fully integrates with other MoTeC devices, and provides pre-defined CAN messaging for all current Display Loggers, Loggers, E888 Expanders, Video Systems, GPS, ADR, BR2, PDM and SLM modules. A Vector database (.dbc) file is available on request.


  • Support for Manual or Automatic shift modes, selectable via a driver switch.
  • The Automatic shift mode automatically shifts gears based on a user definable vehicle speed and throttle pedal position.
  • A multi-position switch (up to 10 positions) can also be configured to vary the gear shift points.
  • The Manual shift mode allows the driver to shift up and down at any time via up and down gear shift switches.
  • Configurable gear shift engine speed settings that automatically shift gears when the engine speed is outside the user definable range (e.g. above maximum engine speed).
  • Support for a switching and/or proportional torque convertor lockup clutch solenoid.
  • Fully configurable torque convertor lockup clutch control that can be based on vehicle speed, gear, throttle pedal, transmission temperature, range selector position and torque convertor slip.
  • The proportional solenoid can also be ramped in and out as the torque convertor lockup clutch is applied and released, delivering smoother transitions.
  • Support for a line pressure control solenoid to vary the pressure of the transmission's hydraulic fluid. This line pressure solenoid's output can be set to be dependent on many variables, including: gear, gear shift state, throttle pedal position, torque convertor lockup clutch state and transmission temperature to give the ideal transmission pressure under all conditions.
  • Support for up to 3 other pressure control solenoids that can be used to vary the line pressure within the transmission (e.g. 3-2 Control Solenoid on a GM 4L60E transmission). These solenoid outputs can be set to be dependent on numerous variables, including: gear, gear shift state, throttle pedal position, torque convertor lockup clutch state, transmission temperature and vehicle speed.
  • Also included are a wide variety of settings that can be used to ramp in and out these solenoids during gear shifts and range selector position changes.


  • This product is a generic, versatile solution that has been designed for adaptability to a wide range of automatic transmissions. It can control any transmission that has the following electrical requirements and features:
  • Up to 5 forward gears. Automatic transmission control Packages with more than 5 gears are in development.
  • Up to 5 forward drive gear ranges (e.g. Drive, Drive 3, Drive Low etc.) and 1 Park, Neutral and Reverse range.
  • A line pressure control solenoid (Proportional).
  • Up to 3 other pressure control solenoids (Proportional or Switched), e.g. 3-2 Solenoid found in GM 4L60E transmission.
  • Proportional and/or Switching torque convertor lockup clutch solenoid.
  • Up to 4 gear shift solenoids (Proportional or Switched).
  • Input and/or output shaft speed sensor. (A driven wheel speed sensor can also be used to determine the output shaft speed). Transmission fluid temperature sensor and warning light output.
  • Manual range selector position detection using up to 8 position indication switches.
  • Gear shift pattern switch.
  • Manual up and down gear shift switches.
  • Manual/Automatic gear shift mode selection switch.
  • Shift lock solenoid.
  • Transmission brake solenoid output (Switched).
Brand MoTeC

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