This M142 Plug-In ECU Kit provides a complete replacement for the OE (original equipment) ECU for the Toyota Yaris GR 2020. Using existing wiring, the original fuel system and sensors, it delivers convenient installation with fully programmable control.

Using the optional Diff Loom (#61466) The kit now provides programmable rear Diff Control that integrates with the Drive Mode Switch.

Along with fuel, ignition, throttle and camshaft control, this Kit also supports other OE ECU features, including:

  • Selectable Drive Mode including Normal, Sport, and Track using OE controls
  • Head-Up Display
  • Direct injector with high pressure fuel pump control and secondary port injector control (saturated high-ohm injectors only)
  • Cruise control
  • All OE dash functionality including warnings

Drivers should be aware that specifically the following standard features do not work utilising this M1 Package: Active Cruise Control, Dynamic Stability Control, Low Speed Pre-Collision System and Lane Trace Assist.

This product does not interact with the Radar Collision subsystem on the vehicle. As a result continuous alerts may be visible in the dash central information display.


This Kit now provides programable control of the active rear differential clutch of the Toyota Yaris.

Compatible with the OE Yaris 3 position Drive Mode Switch.

Numerous diff modes are configurable within the M1 Package, using MoTeC's 9 Position Switch (#56100).

This update requires the following components:

  • Diff Loom

    61466 - TOYOTA YARIS GR 2020 DIFF LOOM

    Purchased separately.

  • Firmware

    TOYOTA YARIS GR 2020 G16E firmware must be version number 01.11.0099 and above.

  • Adaptor box

    The Adaptor Box (PN 61460) included in the kit must be Version3.


Reference Mode

The M1 Reference Mode in this Package is locked to the Toyota Yaris GR pattern.

ECU Power

The M1 ECU will be powered as follows:

  • When the push start button is pushed once.
  • When the M1 is connected to the M1 Tune application via Ethernet. Once on, power will remain when the M1 is connected to the M1 Tune application via Ethernet.
Engine Start

This feature operates identically to OE behaviour.

Driver Switches

Various in-car dials and switches are acquired over the CAN bus and assigned to Firmware resources to allow for mode switching in the ECU. See the Help for the main Toyota Yaris group in M1 Tune.

Fuel Pressure Control - (Lift Pump)

The vehicle uses a PWM controlled low pressure fuel pump (lift pump) which operates in closed loop. Desired fuel pressure is set in the Fuel Pressure Control Aim table.

Dash Override

If installed, the optional Dash Override feature can be enabled.

This feature can be enabled by holding down the Drive Mode Normal Switch for 5 seconds. This will cause the Secondary Brake Collision System, Pre-Collision Malfunction and Lane Trace Assist warning messages as well as the Dynamic Stability Control and Low Speed Pre-Collision System malfunction indicator lights to be hidden from the OE Dash.

Enabling this feature removes dash warning lights designed to alert the driver of malfunctioning Active Cruise Control, Dynamic Stability Control, Low Speed Pre-Collision System and Lane Trace Assist.


  • This kit fully integrates with these original systems:
    • Direct fuel injection
    • Starting systems
    • Dashboard
    • Drive Mode
    • Differential
    • Electric Power Steering
  • For ease of integration a number of features are pre-configured to suit compatible vehicles:
    • Sensor calibrations for Original Equipment (OE) sensors and engine triggers.
    • Control of primary (Direct Injector) and Secondary (port injector) fuel system.
    • Reference mode for engine synchronisation.
    • Physical settings for engine displacement, fuel density, stoichiometric ratio, fuel pressure, and injector linearisation, for simplified engine start-up prior to tuning.
    • CAN messaging for OE systems including dashboard and differential.
    • Boost control with wastegate actuator.
    • Transient fuelling compensation using physical modelling of fuel film for direct injectors.
    • On-board knock control for each cylinder using the OE knock sensors and selectable centre frequency.
    • Lambda control is supported with included LTC and Bosch LSU4.9 sensor.
    • Idle closed loop control system using ignition and throttle servo actuation.
    • Sensing of OE subsystems
      • Engine Oil Temperature and Pressure
      • Coolant Temperature
      • Boost Pressure
      • Fuel Pressure Direct and Fuel Pressure (low)
      • Transmission Temperature
      • Steering Angle, Vehicle Acceleration and Wheel Speeds
      • Airbox Mass Flow
      • Intake Manifold Pressure and Temperature
      • Clutch Position
      • Throttle Servo and Pedal Position
      • Gear Input Shaft Speed
      • Clutch
      • Brake (x2)
      • Reverse
      • Neutral
      • iMT (Downshift Blip)
      • Cruise switches
    • Control of OE subsystems:
      • Cooling Fan control
      • Airbox Flap
      • Fuel Purge Solenoid
      • Turbocharge Bypass (blowoff) Valve
      • Downshift rev matching
      • Alternator (LIN)
    • Engine Load Average channel with tables for engine speed limit, ignition timing trim, fuel mixture aim, boost limit, and throttle limit.
  • Configurable features:
    • Configurable security for multiple users with differing access options.
    • Intercooler temperature and spray control.
  • Included GPR features:
    • Lap distance, time and number via BR2 or switched input, with split and sector options.
    • Vehicle speed limiting (pit speed control).
    • Launch control
    • Race time system with tables for ignition timing trim, fuel mixture aim, boost limit, and throttle limit.
    • Configurable anti-lag with ignition timing limit, fuel volume trim, ignition cut, fuel cut, engine speed limit, boost aim and throttle aim tables.
    • Traction control with tables for aim main, aim compensation, control range
  • Additional optional integrations:
    • Support of MoTeC devices: E8XX, PDM, SLM, Keypad, Rotary Controller.
    • 8 configurable driver switches, 8 rotary switches and MoTeC Keypad and Rotary Controller support, each with 10 positions that can be simultaneously mapped to launch control, pit switch, anti-lag, traction, race time reset, engine speed limit maximum, throttle lever translation, fuel volume trim, ignition timing, fuel mixture aim, boost limit, traction aim, and traction control range.
    • GPS acquisition and logging via CAN or RS232.
    • ECU CAN Receive from a defined ID base address for data reception from MoTeC devices.
    • Coolant pump output with PWM control.
    • Coolant pump after-run functionality, optionally with additional pump output.
    • Switchable inlet manifold runner with position feedback.
    • Engine run time total for engine hour logging.
    • Pulsed tachometer output with configurable output pin and scaling.
    • Transmission pump output with transmission temperature threshold and hysteresis control.
    • Optional channels for additional sensors via input pin and/or CAN message, including:
      • Ambient Temperature
      • Brake Pressure
      • Coolant Pressure
      • Engine Crankcase Pressure
      • Exhaust Pressure
      • Temperature
      • Intercooler Temperature
      • Turbocharger Speed
      • Brake Pressure and Position
      • Coolant Pressure
      • Differential Temperature
      • Engine Crankcase Pressure
      • Exhaust Pressure and Temperature
      • Fuel Composition, Flow and Temperature
      • Transmission Pressure


  • 13142M - M142 ECU MARINE
  • 61459 - M142 TOYOTA YARIS GR 2020 ADAPTOR KIT
    • 61460 - M142 TOYOTA YARIS GR 2020 ADAPTOR BOX
    • 61253 - M1 ADAPTOR 200MM 26W KEY 1 STUB LOOM
    • 61251 - M1 ADAPTOR 120MM 26W KEY 3 STUB LOOM
    • 61252 - M1 ADAPTOR 120MM 34W KEY 1 STUB LOOM
    • 61250 - M1 ADAPTOR 200MM 34W KEY 2 STUB LOOM
    • 61430 - M1 ADAPTOR LTC LOOM
    • 61300K - LTC - LSU LAMBDA TO CAN (500K)
  • 23578 – M1 LICENCE - TOYOTA YARIS GR 2020

This Licence is required to run the M142 TOYOTA YARIS GR 2020 Package in the M142 ECU.

Brand MoTeC