MoTeC's M130 Hydrospace S4 plug-in kit is a fully programmable direct replacement for the factory-fitted ECU.

No rewiring is necessary, the kit plugs into the stock wiring harness using the original sensors and fuel system. All original functions are maintained.


  • Improved RPM limiting allows for higher top speed in rough water.
  • Programmable launch control with Ignition Timing, Fuel Volume Compensation, Engine Speed Limit, Ignition Cut Request and Boost Aim tables.
  • Tunable fuel and ignition mapping for performance improvements.
  • Integrated fully tuneable knock control on individual cylinders (knock sensor required).
  • Dual tuning maps – Fuel Mixture Aim, Ignition Timing, Boost Aim, Engine Speed Limit switchable by Engine Mode (A / B) Switch.
  • Boost control for turbo wastegates.
  • Anti-Lag control for turbo systems with Ignition Timing, Fuel Compensation, Ignition Cut Request, Engine Speed Limit, and Boost Aim tables.
  • Anti-Cavitation timer system with Ignition Timing Compensation table.
  • Dual Engine Efficiency Maps – Inlet Manifold Pressure and Throttle Position.
  • Race Time system with compensation tables for Ignition Timing, Fuel Aim, and Boost Aim.
  • Auxiliary Time system with tables for Ignition Timing Compensation, Fuel Volume Compensation, and Fuel Mixture Aim Compensation.
  • 4 optional outputs for PWM control of added actuators:
    • Duty Cycle tables using Engine Speed and Throttle or Manifold Pressure Axes.
    • Activation based on Inlet Manifold Pressure or Throttle Position.
    • Aux Output 1 includes tables for Ignition Timing Compensation, Fuel Volume Compensation, and Fuel Mixture Aim Compensation.
  • Physical settings for engine displacement, fuel density, stoichiometric ratio, fuel pressure, and injector linearisation allow for simplified engine start-up prior to tuning.
  • GPS receive configurable via CAN through MoTeC Serial-to-CAN (STC) device for speed and track mapping.
  • Engine Load Average channel with Engine Speed Limit table and compensation tables for Ignition Timing, Fuel Aim and Boost Aim.
  • Optional exhaust lambda input via MoTeC Lambda-to-CAN (LTC) or Professional Lambda Meter (PLM) for fuel tuning.
  • Configurable Gauge Mode Button for Launch activation.
  • Engine Run Time Total for engine hour logging.
  • Configurable security for multiple users with differing access options.
  • Optional inputs for additional sensors, including:
    • Airbox Temperature
    • Engine Oil Temperature
    • Engine Oil Pressure
    • Exhaust Temperature
    • Fuel Temperature
    • Fuel Pressure
    • Jet Nozzle Pressure
    • Jet Nozzle Angle
    • Jet Intake Pressure
    • Vehicle Acceleration Longitudinal, Lateral and Vertical
  • Level 1 data logging included in standard package price (predefined channels at up to 10Hz for diagnostic analysis)
  • Level 2 logging available as an upgrade (up to 200 configurable channels at up to 200Hz, 120MB)
  • Configurable warning light output with alerts from Coolant Temperature, Engine Speed, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Exhaust Manifold Temperature, Fuel Pressure and Knock.


  • 13130M — M130 ECU MARINE
  • 61261 — M130 HYDROSPACE S4 ADAPTOR KIT , contains:
    • 41200 — IGN MODULE BOSCH 200 (2 CHANNEL)
    • 61225 — CABLE NETWORK RJ45 1.5M
Brand MoTeC